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Re: Hurricanes & Fires &Tyres

To: "Malcolm Pittwood" <>,
Subject: Re: Hurricanes & Fires &Tyres
From: "Richard Fox" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 14:01:21 -0700
Malcolm; I am just happy that someone is making and selling a tyre or tire
that is tall and thin and apparently good for 250 mph or so. Now I need to
take my lorry over to the tyre shop and get them back.  Rich
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Subject: Hurricanes & Fires &Tyres

> List
> > If you buy a good British make of tyre (spelt with a y) in Dunlop you
> have to accept that the spelling is English (United Kingdom) rather than
> English (United States).  Now if you had been buying Hoosier .......... it
> would have been an 'i' (LOL).  Did you know Dunlop hold the Outright South
> African Land Speed Record with an American built car? -
> Malcolm Pittwood, Derby, England

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