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Re: F.I. Tech (part 2)

To: 3liter <>
Subject: Re: F.I. Tech (part 2)
From: Dave Dahlgren <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 04:53:53 -0400
What do you plan on learning in the garage??
A pintle style injector has the best spray pattern and droplet formation.
Higher pressure makes it better.
If you must play and burn down the garage .. Stoddard solvent, mineral spirits
or paint thinner are all about the same and all will make a big bang if they are

Here is more info on the Stoddard solvent

The place to learn ore about atomization is on the dyno or racetrack. Then a
successful experiment will make the torque meter go up or the car go faster.

3liter wrote:
> With all this talk about EFI cycle time, flow, and atomization one might
> want to experiment in the garage with calibration, pressures, pintel or
> nozzle geometry. So what about safety?
> Do you use gas or water to flow injectors? Water is much denser (messes up
> the calibration) and does bad things if not completely dried out.

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