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Re: F.I. Tech (part 2)

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Subject: Re: F.I. Tech (part 2)
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Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 21:43:40 -0700
I know you asked Dave and I am sure He can give you a more authoritative
answer, but I can say that Al Liest and other Jr. Fuel racers seem to think
the very high pressure smaller nozzles Hilborns are the right way to go. It
might be better to find out what guys who win use but I don't know them.
This is with alcohol.                                 Al's test rig uses
paint thinner instead of gas.    Rich Fox
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Subject: F.I. Tech (part 2)

> With all this talk about EFI cycle time, flow, and atomization one might
> want to experiment in the garage with calibration, pressures, pintel or
> nozzle geometry. So what about safety?
> Do you use gas or water to flow injectors? Water is much denser (messes up
> the calibration) and does bad things if not completely dried out.
> If you use gas, what about fumes.  If sprayed under high pressure into
> graduated cylinders there must be a hazardous fume or vapor issue. There
> must be many sources of ignition in a shop.  If forced ventilation is used
> spark proof motors must be used but is that all?  I'm talking about a
> garage, not a professional facility.  Any words of wisdom or experience
> there (other than don't do it!).  -Elon
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