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RE: F.I. Tech (part 2)

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Subject: RE: F.I. Tech (part 2)
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Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 01:25:37 -0700
Dave, as I indicated earlier the rules mandate mechanical FI (MFI) for my
class. As you know MFI uses a nozzle instead of a pintel.  However, we both
agree a pintel provides the best spray pattern (or atomization). So for
starters I was going to look into some experimentation using a pintel type
geometry instead of a nozzle. And no, I don't need a solenoid to raise the
pintel.  There are other forms of stored energy to do that. And no again, I
don't plan to replicate a PWM system like Kinsler's adaptation of the
Mercedes mechanically timed system. However, I think constant flow can be
enhanced with a pintel-like device and I have some ideas I want to try. I do
have some crazy ideas about using a strobe and some photography to look at
the droplet pattern and want to experiment with various shapes and pressures
as well as simple mass flow calibrations. All of this can be done easily and
cheaply in the garage if it can be done safely! 

I agree, the results can be displayed on Mr. Prony's brake but a lot work
takes place before strapping on Mr. Stuska or Superflow.  I don't want this
to get chopped so I will stop here.  Other emails to follow...and thanks for
the serious part of your reply.  -Elon   

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Subject: Re: F.I. Tech (part 2)

What do you plan on learning in the garage??
A pintle style injector has the best spray pattern and droplet formation.
Higher pressure makes it better. 

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