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Re: Great Job

To: Sparky <>
Subject: Re: Great Job
From: Joe Amo <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 13:58:49 -0600
yeah well, lucky for me I am stupid is as stupid does
did NOT make one run with consistent boost,  I expected
a learning curve and getting one,  flogged all week usual
trying to pull my head out of my behind,  I thought all
you had to do was turn a screw??

Joe :)

Sparky wrote:

>Jon --Thanks again for the great JOB of Reporting---
>Congratulations Joe-- 
>It want be long before you have that thing really going--You are surely 
>learning fast with the TURBO--I for one am glad you like to run them funny 
>things with 1/2 as many wheels as they should have---again great job TEAM 

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