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Re: Rear wheel steering

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Subject: Re: Rear wheel steering
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Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 13:09:45 -0700
So he did manage some good first timeout speeds. When is the gas up? Can't
come but can wish all who are going a great time. Just be safe there in the
peoples republik of kalifornica. I am going to dig my car book out of my
library (read box) and see if I can figure out how an analyses could proceed
with a rear steering system. If one of those new pickups with 4 wheel
steering showed up, could it run? Hmmmm...

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Subject: Re: Rear wheel steering

> Mayf
> As fas as I know Beckett did not spin, he did run 201 while I was still
> there. He was changing a tyre( for Malcolm & others on that side of the
> pond, tires for us) when I left so he could run again, BTW it's a front
> steer coupe, he wants no part of the back end hunting the front end again.
> And yes caster, toe in and other stuff must be considered and well
> as far as training a driver well thats another story. I'm getting ready
> the Gas Up always a great party of LSR people.
> Glen

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