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Subject: RE: odd motors
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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 09:35:22 -0500
my first car was a '49 Chevy, too.  A Deluxe, fastback.  Sparky and I have
toyed with the idea of one of those rigged for landspeed-- loaded with his
ratmotor.  I think it would be a real hoot (although probably not all that

As for using an outboard in a lakester (or a streamliner)-- that idea
appealed to me, too (I'm one of those 2-stroke perverts).  And they are
relatively skinny.  So I looked them up un the Mercury website, and-- guess
what??  A production Merc outboard doesn't have nearly the power density of
a production Suzuki (or Kawi, or Yammi, or Honda) 4-stroke sportbike engine.
I still haven't figured out why (maybe it's an RPM thing-- related to the
application--??)-- but, anyway, I'm back to the bike engines.
Russ, #1226B
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  Subject: odd motors wrote:... ... ... Elto outboards and Harley Twins, are
you having a flashback to midget racing in the late 1930's? Bob in

  Hee hee.  As a matter of fact, the very first taste of "speed" I had was
racing an Elto twin on a Class B hydroplane back around 1953.  Then I got a
hold of some old Hot Rod magazines.  That progressed to putting dual
strombergs on my dads F1 while he was away on a business trip (Ooooh, was he
PO'ed when he got back!), then swapping my guitar for a 49 Chevy six with
dual Rochesters and split manifold!  And that's how it all started!
  Dick J

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