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Re: Tuning CV motorcycle carbs

To: atrav <>, LSR list <>
Subject: Re: Tuning CV motorcycle carbs
From: Dale Krumheuer <>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 08:03:03 -0700 (PDT)
Aron, as Dave states, there are a lot of variables that could cause this, 
depending on what your doing at the time of the event. Engine rpm, load, air 
temp on and on ... 
Break it down for us, year and model of MC,
Is the carb stock or has its jets been changed out, 
Exhaust system stock ?
Is this the only carb related aggravation that you have ? 
Dale Krumheuer

atrav <> wrote:With a constant velocity carb, the Keihin 
motorcycle type, how do you know whether to raise the
needle or increase main jet size?

What's happening is that between like 95 mph and 120 mph I have quite a stumble 
at part throttle.
When I go WOT, it's fine. If I close the throttle, it'll speed up for a second. 
So, I think at
partial throttle at that speed it's running too lean.

Also, if this were ignition weakness, wouldn't it get worse at WOT?


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