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Re: Texas Mile 16-17 July 2005

To: "Jon Wennerberg" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Texas Mile 16-17 July 2005
From: "Tom Neimeyer" <>
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 09:58:04 -0500
John & Nancy,

We went last October and had a great time.

We have stayed at the Best Western in Beeville ( Keith too I think), about
$65 a night.

There is race fuel at the track but you have to arrange for what you want
before the event.
They have a good selection of fuels available, $7 to $9 a gallon.

Entry was $135 early, $175 the week of the event.
Extra for second rider.

You can arrive Saturday morning if you like.  We arrive Friday night and set
up the pit, and tech'ed in.
Started racing about 10am Saturday after the drivers meeting.  There was not
a long line in tech for us
because we tech'ed Friday, I do not know about a Saturday tech, a hour at
most would be my guess.

They have one food vendor, B-B-Q sandwiches, hamburgers, chips, drinks.

Good friendly folks, nice facility (best as can be in middle of Texas in
July), no water facilities.
Much faster pace than Bonneville, we got in 16 runs on a Saturday and

Don't remember any "pasties"............

It's 4 hours from us (Houston) we will try to be there in July also.
Weather will be hot (92-100 daily) and humid ( 70-100%).

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