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Re: [Land-speed] NON LSR VERY NON LSR -- Windows 7

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Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 18:14:30 -0600
I bought a new HP computer in May with the Vista os. It's taking a while on 
the use. I was able to transfer most of my files and also bought home 
edition of office. I signed up for the program that saves 
glen offsite with total back up. That is a well invested $54.00 a year.
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> Wes;
> When I bought this computer I did not specify much memory-- only 512K RAM.
> Over time this system has gotten slower and slower-- to the point of
> exasperation. After cleaning out a host of temporary files and defragging 
> my
> hard drive it was only slightly better. On a whim I ordered 2G of RAM and
> when I replaced the 512K with 2G it was back up to speed. What a 
> difference!
> Wow-- 1T RAM-- that's really something!
> Regards, Neil   Tucson, AZ
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> I love my iMac!
> The only problem I have with my iMac is of my own doing.  I didn't buy
> all
> the operating memory I should have because I don't have the resources
> to pay another $600 to get me what I now would like to have.
> I should have listened to my son in law who built his own PC computer
> with a terrabyte of memory.  That's what you learn with a PhD in
> Information
> Systems.
> He hasn't touched Windows 7 as yet but is hoping it will be the
> operating
> system on his new computer at the university where he teaches when he
> goes back to classes this fall.  He is in a situation where he can play
> around with a new operating system and has the technical knowledge
> to solve problems he may find.
> Wes
> On Aug 25, 2009, at 4:55 PM, Jim Webb wrote:
>> I have yet to try Windows 7, but prolly will soon. All day, every
>> day I use
>> three computers at work. One XP, one Vista and one Mac. I can find
>> faults
>> with each, but for overall stability and ease of use, the Mac is
>> pretty darn
>> good. The XP machine is also very stable and I often don't reboot it
>> for
>> weeks or months. Vista locks up once a day, every day. From what
>> I've seen
>> of 7, it looks more Mac-like, but the migration path from XP is non-
>> existent
>> and if it is as stable as Vista, I'll probably pass. Most reports,
>> though
>> give it pretty good marks.
>> Jim Webb
>> Chock Full o' Nuts
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