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Re: [Land-speed] British Steam effort 139.843mph

To: Tom Bryant <>, List Land Speed
Subject: Re: [Land-speed] British Steam effort 139.843mph
From: Bryan Savage <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 10:19:18 -0700
I had the same thoughts Tom. The Stanley must have had a CD of almost
2.00 and a frontal area of 30 sq ft. Put in something like the Vesco's dad's
liner and..... 200+. in my opinion.

Strange, when I add 151 + 136 and divide by 2, I get an average of 143.5,
not 138.843 ?????
Maybe my pencil isn't working...


Tom Bryant wrote:
> Is that fast? Sorry, I guess I am not too impressed..In 1938, the British
> steam LINER Class A4 4468 MallardI, with six coaches plus a dynamometer car
> in tow, ran 126 MPH.
> A much different car than the present streamliner, the Stanley Steamer, set
> record at 127.659 MPH in 1906. I would think that the technology of today
> would send them much faster.
> To
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