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Re: [Land-speed] British Steam effort 139.843mph

To: "Keith Turk" <>,"John Burk"
Subject: Re: [Land-speed] British Steam effort 139.843mph
From: Skip Higginbotham <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 14:10:58 -0700
Lightly?...maybe so but the results are somewhat less than far. And the reported expenditure is immense.

I guess that nobody is interested in the steam record here........


At 01:50 PM 8/27/2009, Keith Turk wrote:
>I don't mean to poke a stick in anyone's eye... but I've been 
>following this effort for a While... to include back in 
>England...  and honestly I'm suspecting you guys are taking this 
>whole effort to lightly...
>That having been said... I'd agree with the lack of huge gains in 
>all the years... which just goes to show how little we truly have 
>cared about alternative fuels...
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