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Re: [Land-speed] The Steam Boys

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Subject: Re: [Land-speed] The Steam Boys
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Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 07:41:15 -0700
Long as we're into steam fantasy here's one to mull over....... Hydrogen and 
oxygen combine together to create water and heat.  If this goes on in a 
closed vessel the result is steam at some pressure.  This can all be 
calculated (I haven't done that yet; need to dig out my old thermodynamics 
book).  The steam can then be throttled into either a steam turbine or a 
conventional steam engine with pistons and cylinders or some other kind of 
positive displacement engine.
To me the essential question beyond the obvious technical issues is just 
exactly what does the FIA define as a steam powered vehicle ...... or do 
they define it at all?
I notice the SCTA rule book lists the record; but offers little further 
definition of what constitutes a stem powered streamliner.
Ed Weldon

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> This brings to mind memories of Rick at El Mirage towing the tag engine 
> with
> NT2to make it into "G". Not a pretty memory. But it wasn't the five wheels
> that caused the dissent. That was OK.
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> It is my understanding that they are running on a paved runway at Edwards
> today.  Certainly a better surface for rolling resistance than the 
> Bonneville
> salt
> or the playa at ElMirage.  Mike Cook is there
> I have a funny mental image just keeps coming back:  a Jack Costella,
> steam powered streamliner towing a water tank trailer at Bonneville.
> Could that be the configuration for a future American steam powered record
> attempt?  Do the rules specify how many wheels?
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