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Re: [Land-speed] The Steam Boys

Subject: Re: [Land-speed] The Steam Boys
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 17:43:45 +0000 (UTC)
Dear Mr Bwana

In the near future, there will be no taste ,color,feel, smell,and only one
sex. Babies will be made by a finger prick (no pun). We then will shout in
unison "isn't freedom wonderfull!"B Also the rulebook willB  fill a law
library! I don't like your suggestion!

B Jack Costella

One B thing that would be interesting to know would be the difference in B 
resistance from the sands of Daytona in 1906 to Edwards Air Force B Base in

Considering the accuracy of modern measuring technology, wouldn't it be B 
great if all the LSR groups could agree on , for lack of a better term, B 
handicaps , to assign to vehicle speeds to either add/subtract mph due to B 
surface, wind direction, even humidity, barometer, altitude, temperature, and
B any
other possible relevant input ?
In that situation, only the distances would be left for discussion, and two
B way averages, and one hour turnaround, and................. Politics.
Bob W ........Dreamer
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