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Subject: Re: [Land-speed] The Steam Boys
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Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 14:01:29 -0400
 You get to pick the day time and conditions for the down run. It would be 
very complicated to quanitfy the surface conditions as they do different 
things to different vehicles. A blown streamliner might like this air and 
high density altitude while a NA roadster not so how do you make that fair? 
The blower brings it's own density altitude and the thinner air cuts aero 
load.. I say let the NHRA weenies do all that and the show will go on along 
with the Nascar 3 ring circus. I am willing to bet if you tell the starter 
you would like to pull over and let others go by until weather suited you 
better and pull back in with due warning there would be no problem at all. I 
do like the idea of the one hour turn around as I have never been a fan of 
the dawn mission to do return runs on unknown surface or weather at all. 
With the one hour you have a real good idea of what you are getting into and 
if the car bike or driver is up to the task..
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> Subject: Re: [Land-speed] The Steam Boys
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> Date: Sunday, August 30, 2009, 9:00 AM
> In
> Considering the accuracy of modern measuring technology, wouldn't it be
> great if all the LSR groups could agree on , for lack of a better term,
> handicaps , to assign to vehicle speeds to either add/subtract mph due to
> surface, wind direction, even humidity, barometer, altitude, temperature, 
> and
> any
> other possible relevant input ?
> In that situation, only the distances would be left for discussion, and 
> two
> way averages, and one hour turnaround, and................. Politics.
> Bob W ........Dreamer
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