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Tahoe bound?

Subject: Tahoe bound?
From: (Allen Bachelder)
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 22:02:58 -0500
I have at least feeble hopes of driving out to Tahoe for NAMGBR in June.  '
Am willing to chance it in my '73 B if I can just get the time off work.
Anybody else in Virginia - or  eastern North America - interested in a bit
of caravaning? ' Seems I got the idea while reading professor Runyan's
piece about driving the Heritage Body Shell MGB back from California.
Anybody from TRF interested in sponsoring such a venture?

If folks are interested, I'm thinking we could pre-arrange some meeting
areas:  somewhere in western Ohio, and another somewhere around the Quad
Cities area on the Illinois-Iowa border, for a couple of examples.

Any interest out there?

Allen "B"

Allen H. Bachelder, Associate Professor of Trumpet
Department of Music, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0240
E-mail:, Phone: 703-231-6713,  Fax 703-231-5034

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