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Re: Tahoe bound?

To: Allen Bachelder <>
Subject: Re: Tahoe bound?
From: "John M. Trindle" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 09:54:01 +0000
On Thu, 23 Feb 1995, Allen Bachelder wrote:

> Actually, no.  The engine on the stand is for the '73 BGT.  I also have a
> '73 convertible that has made one or two round trips from Virginia to
> Chicago, two to Charlotte NC, and another to New Hampshire in the summer of
> '92.   The car desparately needs rear leaf springs and a speedo rebuild (it
> works, but I broke an angle drive in New York - and it ain't the cable).  I
> have the springs and hope to get 'em on . . . in the springtime, of course.
I need rear leaf springs badly... I'm waiting for the credit cards to 
cool off a bit before buying them (haven't checked the price though).

I rebuilt my speedometer when I got this beast (last April).. it gave 
speed but no odometer.  Turned out a spring clip inside had popped off.

(First time we got the car running for real, we took a tour around 
Williamsburg.  What you DON'T do is go cruising in a car with no working 
odometer, gas gauge, and no idea how much is in the tank <g>).

> When is Carlisle? I'm wondering if I can get away.
I think it is in April or May but perhaps someone on the list can clarify?

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