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squealing cooling fan motor bearings

Subject: squealing cooling fan motor bearings
From: "Steve Manzi" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 10:06:29 -0800
Hi gang,

I'm an owner of an 80 mgb that hasn't given me any big problems but a ton of
small ones.  Here's one ...

The cooling system on the B includes 2 electric motors that spin their own fan
blade.  The bearings on these motors have failed in that they now both make
this obnoxious squealing.  I've taken these guys apart and tossed in sone axle
grease in an attempt to quiet them.  Well, this worked for about a month and
now squeal as loudly as ever.  Any one know of a fix short of purchasing new
( ~ $85.00 ea ).



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