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Mice & MG's

Subject: Mice & MG's
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 14:55:00 -0500 (EST)
       In 1988 we were putting on an addition (with garage, of course!), so I 
       had to store the B out back. When the garage was finished, I put it in 
       the brand new garage, popped open the hood & was fiddling with the 
       fuse box. Well, , it was looking back at me! The mouse had made a nice 
       little home behind the panel that supports the fuse box. The mouse 
       promptly ran away, with my 2 cats watching, slightly bemused. God 
       forbid they should chase it. 
       Ah yes, the pedal box screws (Why do I sound like Mr. Burns? "Ah yes, 
       Simpson. Pedestrian, yet, fascinating"). I finally got mine out last 
       year, the old chisel on the side of the screw head trick. Tedious, yet 
       effective (there goes Mr. Burns, again). If you can chant a mantra at 
       this time, do so. I think these are Whitworth thread, because I could 
       not find the correct size on my SAE/NS thread gauge, but I was able to 
       find a match on my metric one, so I bought metric (sorry, the size 
       escapes me) stainless hex bolts, re-tapped the holes, which took 
       several passes (they were really cruddy, part of the reason I use 
       silicone fluid), and coated the thread with anti-seize (this ain't 
       gonna happen again!) and re-installed. Hope this helps.
       74 MGB

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