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A-Series rebuild questions

Subject: A-Series rebuild questions
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 15:17:28 -0600
OK, so we have this new MG forum where perhaps I need not feel quite so guilty  
about posting things not so interesting to the LBC public at large....

So I'm in the middle of rebuilding my spare 1275 for my Midget.  I shouldn't  
say "in the middle" because it's only disassembled; the block and crank go to  
the machine shop on Saturday, and I find out what size pistons, bearings, etc.  
I need.  I have a feeling that reassembly will not be so simple as  
disassembly.  Sooooo....Anyone know what a particularly good place to get  
pistons for an A-motor would be?  I already bought the gaskets and things from  
VB, but I'm looking for fairly inexpensive roughly original-spec preferably  
forged pistons.  Marcus recommended I try Mini Mania or British Motorsports;  
BM has a promising-sounding set for about $190 or so and I haven't called Mini  
Mania just yet.

Question #2:  Are there any catches or difficulties I need to be wary of,  
either in disassembling the motor or reassembling it?  Any little plugs and  
things hiding somewhere mysterious that I should pull before the block goes in  
the hot tank?  Any funny assembly tricks that the Bentley book doesn't tell  

Question #3:  I accidentally broke the plastic tube in which the dipstick  
resides in the crankcase.  VB does not seem to list a replacement.  Is there  
someone else, somewhere else, who can sell me one?  Does someone on the list  
have one?

Harvey the Midget and I went out for a drive yesterday.  Here in Champaign, IL  
the temperature is somewhere in the sixties and the sun is out.  The whole  
driving experience would have been a bunch more pleasant if I hadn't had to  
listen to rod knock.  And the car still has to make it 150 miles or so to the  
garage where it gets its new heart.

This Midget is fast turning into the proverbial "Grandfather's axe."  You  
know, the head's been replaced three times and the shaft's been replaced  
twice, but it's still your grandfather's axe.  I can't wait for real spring to  


Michael Chaffee

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