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freeeeeeze plugz

Subject: freeeeeeze plugz
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 08:02:43 +0500
Fellow fiends:

In the theme of engine rebuilds, I discovered late last fall that Old 
Whiteside's center freeze plug has a leak.  I neglected to replace them 
during the rebuild.  I'm rushing the upcoming driving season and want to get 
that thing taken care of.  I've never done this but members of my local car 
guy support group say its pretty easy, especially for the middle one.  I 
guess I'm a bit lower on the learning curve but...

-what might be the "best" way to get them out?  I don't think there is room 
in the engine bay for my slide hammer

-will a simple ball-peen (sp?) hammer suffice to put a new one in?

-how much cleaning around the circle in the block should I do?  I mean: I 
don't want to score any surfaces with a wire brush or something if scoring 
the surface is going to result in another leak with the fresh plug.

I mean, it sounds like the whole thing will only take about 15 mins. but I 
like to freak out a little bit before I ever do any thing like this for the 
first time on the car.  

Will "thinks he's charming" Zehring

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