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Re: Limited Edition MGB

To: "Nicholas J. Levett" <>,
Subject: Re: Limited Edition MGB
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 1995 23:02:07 -0500

On Sun, 3 Dec 95, "Nicholas J. Levett"  <> wrote:
>Can anyone tell me if this vehicle ID is from a 1980 Limited Edition MGB.
>       GVVDJ2AG509488
>It is a black 1980 with the right wheels, but I'm not convinced it is.  What
>else should I be looking for?
>Thanks for the help.
>Nick: I can't tell from the vin, but mine has three distinct features. The 
wheels, a plague on the glove box, and a smaller padded steering wheel. That 
with the silver decal on black paint makes the LE. I would imagine the steering 
wheel as being the hardest item to get if one was to convert a non LE. Like 
limited additions sold on TV, they made so many, that a non LE may be in fact 

Mike Leckstein

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