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Rocker rattle

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Subject: Rocker rattle
From: "White, Richard H." <>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 08:44:00 -0800

In <m0tMHD6-0000TgC@cello.QNET.COM>, wrote:
>I have a rattling sound at idle.I took the car (a 79 B ) to a MG>mechanic in
>SF valley who said it was the lifters bouncing at idle the noise goes away
>speed He wasn't too concerned and said that it was normal at 70K miles and
>use an additive or 20W-50W oil.My question is..Does this sound reasonable?
Am I 
>in for big truoble or can the car be driven BTW the engine uses almost no
oil 1 
>qt every 1500 miles or so doesn't smoke kas plenty of power seems fine
>for that #@%%$ rattle! Am I being too picky or what?

This sounds like a broken valve spring to me, or a sticking valve, which 
causes the lifter to NOT snap back into position correctly.  Just something 
to check before a complete tear-down.  Richard

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