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Re: bodywork or boneyard?

Subject: Re: bodywork or boneyard?
From: (Michael MacLeod)
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 08:43:04 -0800
>1]  I am a grad student and must support myself, my MG and my Mt bike racing
>habit on a stipend but do have "some" funds and a wee bit of time available
>to put into the car.

>2]  I have gotten quite attached to this car and really can't visualize my
>future without an MG to drive.
>So, basically, I have a car with a very solid drive train and suspension but
>a body that is rotting to pieces, leaving me with, as far as I can tell, the
>following choices:
>1]  Bite the bullet and find a competent facility to do the bodywork and
>paint job.  Any cost estimates here would be greatly appreciated.
>2]  Find an early 70's B with a ~solid body but little else and transplant
>the necessary good bits from my car.  Ballpark ideas on price and
>availability also appreciated.

        Any early 70's B is still over 20 years old and any 20 year old car
is about to start rusting if it spent it's life in your area.  Especially
if driven in Winter over salty roads.
>3] Get the steel work done (a must if I keep the car intact in my opinion),
>shoot it with some primer and wait 'till I graduate (2 years) to attack the
>paint job etc.  I have a feeling that the cost of this alone will frighten me.

        Not a bad Idea if you can afford it.
>4] Seal up the car as best I can, throw the cover over it, buy the SAAB 900
>my friend wants to sell me for $1500, and demote the B to an occasional
>driver until I can afford to spend the time and money to do it right.

        I did this with my MGA and 10 years later finished an expensive but
breathtaking restoration.  The MGA was my first car that I bought in 1970
and drove all through University.  (It was supposed to get me girls, but
never did.  (Neither did playing guitar, but at least the guitar got me
free drinks.)  However the MG did get me to school everyday in Calgary even
through the winters.

>Chris "I drove my rusty B to work in 10" of snow just to write this" Lenth
        Within a month of buying my 'A' (with a student loan) I ordered a
new top for it.  I expected the top to arrive within a few weeks and so in
November I took off my old rag and threw it way.  The b*st*rds sent the new
top by surface mail from England and it did not arrive till April.  I drove
my 'A' all winter without a top.  A tonnea cover and an arctic parka must
have looked quite remarkable.  As I think back, perhaps this is why the
girls wouldn't have anything to do with me.
        To sum up perhaps I should suggest that the most cost effective
solution is to purchase a nice completely rust free car from California or
Arizona or some other desert state.  Apparently they can still be had for
bargain ($3000.00) prices.  These cars (I have seen a few) are tremendous
bargains as they require only interior work and perhaps attention to faded

        However as my last paragraph indicates there is something wonderful
about having a historical relationship with your car.

        Good luck.  Keep us posted.  I hope this has been of some interest.

I don't know who posted this a while ago but I love it:   Sign seen above
doorway:  "Heisenberg may have slept here."

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