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Re: Spridget Trailer

Subject: Re: Spridget Trailer
From: "W. R. Gibbons" <>
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 22:44:14 -0500 (EST)
On Thu, 7 Dec 1995 wrote:

> >    I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I want and NEED as much in
> >    the way of brakes as possible.
> Small trailers that do have brakes usually use some sort of electrically
> operated drum brakes.  A strong solenoid to replace the wheel cylinder
> should do the trick, but it may take some research to find a proper fit.

When I rebuilt my horse trailer, I discovered that properly functioning
trailer brakes are wonderful, and improperly functioning ones are a
menace.  I'd definitely buy an axle with ready-made electric brakes if you
feel brakes are needed.  When adjusted properly, they work beautifully. 
Surge brakes (hydraulic trailer brakes in which the trailer pushing
against the hitch actuates the brakes through a movable tongue) are easier
to set up, but on a light trailer, I doubt they would contribute much. 

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