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Re: Two-tailed trailer

To: MGS <>
Subject: Re: Two-tailed trailer
From: "Palmer, Lew (UCI)" <>
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 95 09:47:00 PST
At the University Motors Summer Party in 1994, someone showed up with a 
STRETCH MGB! About twice as long as it used to be. Bar and couches built in, 
as I remember. Talk about room for luggage! Bring 8 friends to an MG meet in 
style and comfort.

Lew Palmer
From: mgs-owner
To: mgs
Subject: Re: Two-tailed trailer
Date: Thursday, December 07, 1995 5:32PM

Everybody's missing an obvious extension of this idea.  Staple the ass-ends
of two MGB GT's together!  Quadruple (or more) your cargo capacity.  Keep a
rear seat in it and you've doubled your passenger capacity.  Even use it as
a makeshift camper.

Woo woo!
Jay Tilton /  (vt = Virginia Tech  vt <> Vermont)
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