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report: Sprite Concours 10 Dec

Subject: report: Sprite Concours 10 Dec
From: Mike Gigante <>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 14:42:49 -1000 (EST)
Just a quick note to let everyone know what happened. Well, we had 20
spridgets and a big healey show up to our club concours at the
scienceworks museum. The day was perfect - sunny, mild temperatures
(low 20s Celcius) with little or no wind.

The museum has a large lawn area immediately behind the main display
hall.  The display hall has a lot of big windows that look over the
lawn, so that was perfect. The lineup of cars certainly looked great!

It was also good to see a reasonable turnout, 20 out of 115 spridgets
in the club (though knowing some of the cars - it'd be unlikely they'd
every be candidates for a club display without the restoration project
even beginning)

7 bugeyes, 2 MG Midgets and assorted squarenosed sprites (including
the Crombie's immaculate recently rebuilt racecar) made up the show,
nearly half of the cars were red! Santa broke with tradition and
didn't arrive in one of the bugeyes, but rather a MkIII sprite.

I took "james", our MkII sprite, with our youngest boy Scott
navigating :-) Kerry brought Stephen along in the Rover (which was
kept outside for the day!). Unfortunatelky, I failed to get "bubbles"
the MkIII sprite ready in time, too busy at the vineyard...

All in all, a fun day!

Mike Gigante
3D interactive graphics, Virtual Reality, british sports cars, and wine      

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