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Subject: Re: MOWOG
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 19:48:33 -0500

Terry: I wrote the following sometime ago and thought that ended it. Perhaps 
missed this, so here it is again.

David Macedona asked who or what MOWOG stood for.  I replied Morris Wolsley and 
MG.  Apparently others felt that it stood for Morris Wolsley Group.  I have no 
written authority for this, but Mike Allison, the author of "The Magic of the 
Marque" informs me that the G stood for MG.  He worked for the factory for many 
years and is a reknown authority on the marque. 

He also informs me that the MOWOG designation appeared when the Nufield Group 
was formed in 1936-37.  The designation was first applied to spares and then 
appeared on TA's and TB's.  Thus MOWOG did exist on some pre-war cars.

Mike Leckstein

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