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Re: rebuilt lever shocks

Subject: Re: rebuilt lever shocks
From: R Glenn Stauffer <>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 13:51:54 -0500 (EST)
My main point is about the paint for shocks, but I do have to add a "me too"
about Apple.  I bought a set from them about 10 years ago and one started
to leak after about a year.  I gave them a call when I was looking for rears
and mentioned that one started to leak on me.  Without any prodding, the
guy on the phone said that they shouldn't do that and shipped me a replacement
no-charge and no rush on the return of the bad shock.

Now for the paint, if you want to paint aluminum to keep it looking like
aluminum, check out Eastwood's Aluma-blast paint.  If you use their (or
another) self-etching primer and top-coat with aluma-blast, they'll look
just like clean, unpainted aluminum.


> Oh, I painted the shocks with "rebuilders grey" (from my local parts 
> store, Pep Boys, etc.), a paint that is supposed 
> to give a rebuilt part that unpainted cast look. It's vely vely clos!
> I hate seeing restored cars with the shocks painted black, when they are 
> supposed to be unpainted... (also good for master cylinders etc.)

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