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Re: More on MG seatbelt recall

To:, (Philip S. Kadala)
Subject: Re: More on MG seatbelt recall
From: "Frank Sperling III" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995 08:59:59 +0000

Please keep us informed as to what Land Rover says about the seatbelt 
thing.  I've also been questioning how they can perform a recall that 
"takes away" a safety control.

- Frank Sperling

> Date:          Thu, 21 Dec 1995 22:00:24 -0500
> To:  
> From: (Philip S. Kadala)
> Subject:       Re: More on MG seatbelt recall
> Reply-to: (Philip S. Kadala)

> >I got the same phone call.  Seems that Patty Shoap at Land Rover was 
> >wrong about that.  You definitely need the brackets on a 79B.
> > 
> >Frank Sperling III
> On the recent subject of the seat belt replacement I have two cetns to add.
> I also just recently received the replacement set(Pat must have mailed them
> all out at the same time) also with the extra brackets.  I found that he old
> brackets simply needed to be adjusted so that the new seat belt reel axle
> was very close to horizontal.  They have worked without a problem since
> then.  Although one of the bolts was difficult to install all others went
> just fine.  The only problem that I have found is that the latch end of the
> drivers side belt does not have a connection for the seat belt warning
> system as the original.  I have not attemptead to open the new latch to see
> if there is a connection for fear of damaging the new belts. I have to
> question a safety recall that makes another safety system inoperable.  
> I have asked Rover if they have any information on the switch but no
> response so far.
> Phil Kadala
> Wilmington, NC
> 2-79 "B"s

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