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RE: More on MG seatbelt recall

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Subject: RE: More on MG seatbelt recall
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 10:12:00 -0800 (PST)
I got mine over on friday and installed them this past weekend.  They work 
just fine. No problems and it only took a few minutes to install them. i 
believe the years covered were 77 - 80.

From: mgs-owner
To: mgs
Subject: More on MG seatbelt recall
Date: Friday,December 15,1995 12:00AM

    Original Message:

    I have a 1978 MGB and have had nothing but trouble
with the seatbelts. They do not want to unreel so that
you can put them on.  With some practice this can be done
by moving the belt out verrrrry sloooooowly. I read in
this forum about a seatbelt recall for MGBs and called
the number given, which was a number for Jaguar of America.
They told me that Rover is dealing with the recall and gave
me another number. I left a message and Rover got back to me
in a few days. They are sending me a new set of seatbelts in
the next two or three weeks. I only  mention this because of
the cost and because the gent at Moss told me that they get
about 50% of the replacement belts back for the same reason.
I will let you know if the new ones work any better. For those
interested in the recell, phone Patty Shoap of Rover at

 The New Bit:

  The seatbelts arrived yesterday. I had almost forgotten about
the whole thing. They do look very nice in the box. I will inform
the group if they fit and work, assuming that I can dig out of the
snow and find a few hours away from the duties of the season. I do
not know which years are covered, but if you call have your VIN
number handy. She looks up the numbers to see if you qualify.

                                  Safety Fast
                                  George Dodson
                                  MIT Bates Linear Accelerator Center

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