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A/B Parts Interchangeability?

Subject: A/B Parts Interchangeability?
From: Rick Guynn <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995 18:02:38 -0600
I have a few questions for those familiar enough with A's and B's to answer
(please don't start reciting the alphabet :-))

What is the interchangeability of the following from '77B to '62A:

Shocks (particularly the rear)  Is it a stiffness difference or a
dimensional one?

Distributor...  I am going to switch to negative ground and I was thinking
about putting the electronic ignition from the B on the A.


Anything else that might come to mind.....


BTW, any and all other mechanical parts from the 'B are up for grabs (even
the entire engine which has 20,000 miles on a re-build).  Since I no longer
have a 'B, I no longer need the extraneous parts.

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