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Andy's Trip Part #6

Subject: Andy's Trip Part #6
From: "Ramm, Andy" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 1995 9:34:01 -0600
Well, there was no progress on Emma this weekend as I spent it in 
beautiful Mendocino.  However, I have a new leather MG key fob, shift 
knob and really nice wool floor mats (the latter two not to be used until 
the car's restoration is complete) courtesy of Jenifer who read my mind 
and knew just what I wanted for Hanukah.  She also had the great wisdom 
to get them from O'Connor classics.  (Won't Stan Fickes be proud!)  
Mendocino was sunny and bright with fantastic surf.  At some point, Lucas 
invaded my F-1 and the TTL light meter went on the fritz.  Perhaps it was 
Emma reaching us telepathically from home.  In any case, more on the car 

Andy's trip part #6, Fiasco at Firestone
My next big surprise came just outside of Sonorra.  It seems Firestone 
thought a big, wide, flat place would be a good location for its test 
center _ and a handsome place for more pictures of the B, rendered in 
sepia, of course.

I got a good number of shots and decided I'd move the car just underneath 
the Firestone sign.  I turned the key. Nothing happened.  This is where 
my many years -- ok, well four -- of high school science began to pay 
off.  If I turned the key again, and again, and again, and several more 
times, I could conclude by inductive reasoning that a: the car wasn't 
going to start if I continued to turn the key, and b: something was wrong 
with the car.  My teachers always said I have an incredible flair for the 
obvious.  I guess it's the pigheaded ass thing again.

I hate that feeling when a car won't start.  It's even worse when you're 
in the middle of fucking nowhere in a 25 year old British sports car you 
know nothing about.  My stomach was in knots, my adrenal gland was 
working overtime and I began to sweat in the 62 degree sunshine.  I 
opened the hood, propped it with the pecan branch I was carrying along, 
crawled under the car and realized that a wire, with a neat little female 
spade connector was hanging directly beneath a suspiciously similar male 
spade connector attached to the starter.  Hmmm.  

I hypothesized (high school science again) that if I connected the two, 
the car would start, in all likelihood.  Connector in place, heart in 
throat, I turned the key once more.  The car came to life.  My 
parasympathetic nervous system (more science) took over and I began to 
relax.  I then took some of the best pictures of the trip during the next 
half hour, and drove on toward El Paso and Las Cruces.

Copyright 1995 Andy Ramm

To be continued....

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