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Re: Are MGs really all that tough?

Subject: Re: Are MGs really all that tough?
From: (Michael MacLeod)
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 08:15:24 -0800
  < We are living a lie you know.  Our egos have gotten a bit ahead of
<the reality.  With Denise now being a priest, and MG mechanics being
<reveared by yuppies...  I do believe we've gone a bit overboard.  I
<hate to say it to everyone, but any moron can fix an MG.  ...

Mr. Elwood has a good point.  We forget that the great "washed" are out
their and are overhearing our banter, and we do give great banter when
discussing the "character traits" of our cars.  I've made the attempt
during a number of conversations started by passers-by:  "Oh what a _____
(insert 1 or more:  cute, interesting, darling, neat, sharp, beautiful,
cool, etc.) car.  How, on earth, do you keep it running?"  We've all been
there, haven't we?  I simply respond by telling them all about the long
trouble-free trips I've taken in the car over the last 25 years and perhaps
mention that the car has only let me down once in all that time.  I also
may explain that these cars require attention and service as befits an
mechanical device from an earlier time.  Cleaning them often and listening
to their noises brings a familiarity that allows you to recognize impending
trouble and how to avoid it.
        They seem to understand if I suggest that in Britain cars are
designed to be properly maintained, as they are a real luxury in Britain,
and are a throw-away commodity in North America, hence our insistance on
the boring mindless abuse-proof consistency of the '63 Chev Belair sedan
and its ilk.

        Thanks for the rant.  And as you know we need a good rant once in a

Mike MacLeod, Calgary, Alberta   (where the deer and the antelope freeze)
'68 BSA Spitfire                        60' MGA               '63 Jag Mark 10
'83 BMW R100 RS

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