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new to this all (introduction)

Subject: new to this all (introduction)
From: (Randy Bitner)
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 22:51:29 -0500
If this makes it to the list serv then I have succeded at least a little.
This is all new to me.  My better half (AKA Kathie) said to respond this
way, well, she is on three list servers, this is my first.  

Let me tell you some about my self.  Just bought my first MG in August of
this year.  Never drove one before or had interest in one before either.
OH, it is a 1972 MG Midget, yea, I know by reading the mail for the last
couple of days, MGB's are top dogs, but I must admit I fell in love with
this critter in august.  ( My 13 year old daughter found it and has me
twisted around her little finger)

Blue in color and orginally a Pennsylvania Car, it never left the state of
PA. ( limited rust for you folks in the north east, only had to repalce the
right floor pan).  

After 22 years of marrage, I am now in love with another.  (yea my wife
knows this).  Due to Pennsylvania laws, I was unable to drive until
inspected which I finally finished all the work needed by November 15 which
was the big Blizzard of 1995 (18 inches of snow). 
I did not get a chance to drive it until after all the snow melted.  What fun.  

OH, I didn't mention, it was my 45 birthday present from my wife, on August
22.  MG Midget rough shape but restorable. ( I have restored two Model "T"
fords, one a 1924, the other 1926 and a 1937 packard 120 business coupe)
These were Before my better half came along.  Sold the "T"'s to finish
college and the Packard to buy the house. Now it is time to have fun!!!
MG Midget fun that is...

Oh, by the way, I sold auto parts for 20 years, both part time and full time
for a company in Pennsylvaia, now teach Technology Education In The State
College Area School District for 21 years.  Taught both Vocational
Auto-Technology and Technology Education.  Who ME, work on an MG?  Love it,
so simple and yet Mechanicaly Engineered Excelent.

What can I say, will be keeping in touch, but I have many techenical
questions about MG Midgets.  Any other MG Midget owners on this list serv?
WWW page under Construction at this time but as a school we are close to
being on line.  School address is  Look us up on new years eve.  If you have
see-you-see-me capabilits, let me know then I will get on line with you new
years eve...


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