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Re: new to this all (introduction)

Subject: Re: new to this all (introduction)
From: (Randy Bitner)
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 00:38:31 -0500
Glen, I hope this message gets to you, my wife has gone to bed and said this
is the way to do this list serv.  All list servers must do replays

Glen, if it has little rust it should be fun to restore.  One Pennsylvania
MG dealer told me that all the midgets were crushed becaused no one wanted
them and only MGB's were saved from PA scrap yards.  I am having a dickins
of a time finding MG Midget parts in PA.  MGB's no problem.  

I have taken my students to spring Carlisle two years and fall Carlisle one
year.  They enjoyed it!  Not looking for much in MG line then did not see
much but they are the Sports Car capital of the world.  If you get  their
catalog you will see that our students made the "most interesting list". 

Not knowing how an MGB handled, I talked one of my students into buying one
(that I would help to get running) The person selling it said it had a blown
engin.  What happened was he cranked the engin so long that the starter wore
out.  Replaced the starter,and all was ok.  The Kid got a deal on this
"blown engin".   It was fun helping him set it up to run...

Glen, not sure what ATF's are, but when it warms up no problem.  With the
choke out Fuel milage is very low, warm Not bad...

Thanks for letting me know that their is life in midgets (and VIC 20's with
tape drives)

>Just a quick note.  My name is Glen Wilson and I live just west of Philly in
>Wallingford, PA.  I have two '66 Midgets one of which is in very nice shape
>and the other needs restoration but has very little rust.  There's a Sprite
>club out in the Harrisburg which I hear does not discriminate against
>Midgets.  They often meet at the big show in Carlisle in the spring.
> Everyone on the list knows that MGB's handle like trucks compared to
>Spridgets even if the are a little faster and maybe a little bit more
>civilized.  Actually, both cars are really pretty crude by modern standards.
> Finally, if your carbs seem lousy now, they may improve dramatically when
>the whether warms up.  Those guys who say to put ATF in the SU's may be on to
>Good Luck
>Glen Wilson

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