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Subject: Returned mail: Host unknown (Name server: host not found)
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To: rbolian@Synopsys.COM (Roland Bolian)
From: (Randy Bitner)
Subject: Re: electrical problems

Another MG Midget friend.  Let me see if I can help.  first of all the
problem is not the Alternator, but under the cowl on the right side of the
car under the dash.  The complete wiring harness plugs together, and I mean
plugs together!!!!! under the right side just above the gove box.  You may
have to remove the right side covering and  will have to remove the glove
box componets to gain access. That is if it is simular to my 72 MG Midget.
The car is wired is Left and Right and Front and Back sequences (IE: wiring

The fuses will be good, but check your ground at the rear.  Inside the boot. 

One thing I am sure of is it is not your alternator!!!!  Do not replace it>>>

>I recently acquired a 76' Midget with a fairly good body and a not so great
>engine. Last week I shelled out 700$ to get my head redone. Now I have
>another problem that I would like to try to repair myself being that
>Christmas combined with the head job completely wiped me out. When I first
>got the car the tach and fuel gauge would operate erratically, working most
>of the time but cutting off completely on occasions. Now they are
>completely shut down along with my rear tail/stop lights, reverse lights,
>and rear side marker lights. I've inspected the fuses (both in the fuse
>box, and the in-line fuses), as well as the wiring, but I can't find any
>exposed wiring, and all of my fuses are fine. Could this possibly be the
>circuitry housed inside of my alternator? Does it sound like my alternator
>needs to be relaced/overhauled?? HELP!!
>Financially Strapped

Yea, you and me both...

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