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RE: Dieseling

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Subject: RE: Dieseling
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 13:35:00 -0800 (PST)
Pierce manifolds caries an idle jet soleniod which you hook up to the 
ignition switch. When you turn the key off the solenoid closes the idle jet 
and the car stops. The only problem I have had is that if you do not have 
the vaccum advance hooked up, you end up screwing in the idle screw so much 
that you are actually pulling from the transitionary stage. Sounds like it 
will work fine for you though. $20 last time I checked

Christopher Reichle
From: mgs-owner
To: mgs
Subject: Dieseling
Date: Wednesday,December 27,1995 11:03AM

I just decided to throw my Weber 32/36 downdraft back on the B. My SU's
don't like the cold weather much. My question is: Is there an easy way to
prevent dieseling when cutting the ignition with these carburettors? With
the SU's many vaccuum ports I am able to prevent the dieseling by having the
anti-runon valve attached. But with the Weber, I only have one vaccuum port,
which attaches to the vaccuum advance on the distributor.

I use only Chevron premium petrol in the car. Any ideas?

Thanks, Craig Wiper

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