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79 MG B for Sale

Subject: 79 MG B for Sale
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 18:36:04 -0500
I have a 79 B that I have decided to part with.  Now this is not just any 79
B since it has only 11,000 original miles (as opposed to non-original miles).
 No modifications have been made to it other than mounting the new ignition
kit on the wheel well.  It tends to run better that way - make that - it does
run that way.

The car is located in Bakersfield, CA, about 100 mi north of Los Angeles, in
the southern San Joaquin Valley (no corrosion). It has been either shaded or
garaged all of its life.  It is chocolate brown with a black soft top,  tan
interior and painted wire wheels.  It is in extremely good condition.  The
only two negatives would be a small blemish near the trunk support (where my
daughter tried to close the trunk lid without releasing the support) and the
front floor carpet that has seen better days (I think they were designed to
be biodegradable).

If you have any interest - make me an offer.  Or if you know someone who
would, please drop me a line. I would certainly like to see it go to a good


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