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Smoke transfusion part III

Subject: Smoke transfusion part III
From: (Bert Palte)
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1995 10:07:36 GMT
>     The procedure for this is simple:    5. Order parts.  6. Order parts.
> 7. Order parts.  9. Order more parts. 12. Order parts...

Sorry Ralph, but I think you left something out... At least. this is what
I usually run into..
5a. Return the parts that they sent you wrong (after all, we are dealing with

6a. Return the parts that you can see (immediately after arrival) to be
inferior imitations, even when you have ordered them from your suppliers
with the correct Rover part # mentioned there.

7a. Only after dismantling your engine/gearbox/brakes/you-name-it (whenever
you find some of your precious spare time for it), you discover that the parts 
you have ordered do not fit, so you see yourself faced with the usual
dilemma:  either make them fit, or refurbish the old parts for continued use 
[I usually opt for the latter, they were made of higher quality in the first

7b. Return the parts you received wrongly [at least, 6 months later, of

9a. See yourself faced with the dilemma to either ship the incorrectly
received parts back to England at high airmail rate, or just throw them away..

(and so on, and so on, and so on...)

It happens to me all the time. How I *hate* this!

Have a good and troublefree 1996!

1970 MGB Tourer

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