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Re: Am I insane?

To: (Stan Fickes),,
Subject: Re: Am I insane?
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1995 02:37:00 -0500
Stan, you have a lead on one of the rarest MGs. I'm jealous. I assume its a 
Nose. I drove one once when the Brits came to the States in return of our 1990 
Circuit of Britain . About 14 cars came to the States including the big 
cars.(14s and 18s) from the 20's. These are the original MGs before the Mtype 
came out in 1929 and were built in Oxford. I was in charge of getting the cars 
off and on the ship in New Jersey. These cars are marvellous. Its so rare to 
one sold that it must be hard to set a price. Is the car all there? I am 
with several people in England who have restored and owned them.If you are very 
serious I can give you addresses to write or call in England. I don't have my 
MMM register at home but I am sure there are a few cars in the States. I will 
check if you want after the New Year.

Mike Leckstein

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