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Found a B

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Subject: Found a B
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 19:49:16 -0500
FWIW, It looks as if I'm going to be joining you (can't beat you). If
all goes as planned I'll be hauling a trailer down to the Newark NJ area
on Saturday and returning with a 77 B. The car actually belongs to
someone from the Boston area. He drove it down to his dad's in 92 and
parked it in the garage with the intention of 'restoring' it. Supposedly
it's structurally solid, with very little rust. A problem (among others)
is that the car has been on blocks since 92. The gas tank rusted out.
Actually it was drained by the local fire department after it started
leaking and his dad called them. I just hope that the transmission has
been in neutral. If not, I'm gonna' need some dollies to get it onto the
trailer. I won't mention the price until it's in my hands. If it turns
out to be a dog I can probably part it out for what I'll have into it.
If it's solid -- did anybody say V8?

Bud Krueger
52TD (soon not to be an only child)

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