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Re: Thought I'd pass this on: FS: Factory BGT V8

Subject: Re: Thought I'd pass this on: FS: Factory BGT V8
From: (Rick Morrison)
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 19:47:30 EST
 I Still live in Spartanburg, and I couldn't get there quick enough
 Hell, I'd have given 2 packs  of Marlboro (25's at that) and as many
Escorts as he wanted. (He said, with tounge firmly planted in cheek)

 By the way, when and where did you live in "Sparkle City"?

Rick Morrison
West side and too damn close to Westgate!
74 Midget

On Wed, 1 Apr 1998 08:36:01 -0500 "Nunez, Eduardo"
<> writes:
>Boy if I still lived in Spartanburg I'd RUN over there and get it!   I
>hope somebody gives it a good home.
>Ed Nunez
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>>From: Mike Lishego []
>>Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 1998 8:41 AM
>>To:   MG List
>>Subject:      Thought I'd pass this on: FS: Factory BGT V8
>>      I checked this car out personally yesterday - trust me, if I 
>had the money
>>I would buy it.  The car is in very good shape body-wise, though the
>>interior needs replacing.  He doesn't know it's one of the very few 
>>MGB GT V8's in the USA, and it shows.  Nice BRG paint, the engine has
>>90,000 miles on it (But EVERYTHING'S THERE!), and he put some crappy
>>American Racing wheels on it.  It's not located too far from here, 
>>thing is gorgeous, and they only want $1,000 for it - the guy doesn't 
>>what he's got.  He doesn't drive it too often, since he doesn't like 
>>RHD, and he's a first-rate redneck (See American Racing wheels).  
>>the car's a nice chrome bumpered '74 B GT.  The guy's name is Phil, 
>and his
>>number is (910) 277-5056.  Let me know if anybody wants to stop in to 
>>it, I'd like to meet some of you guys.  I have no financial interest 
>in the
>>car, nor the $1,000 to get this 'furrin' car from this good ole boy.  
>>car is located in south-central North Carolina, in Maxton.
>>Michael S. Lishego

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