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RE: MGF - is it a real MG?

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Subject: RE: MGF - is it a real MG?
From: "EPMD- van syckel, John" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 08:36:25 +0200
I have offered this before, but no takers.  If anyone in the States, or
Canada, wants a LHD MGF, I'll send one.  European specifications (although
I'm not sure there is much difference anymore), approximate cost, U.S.
$23,000 (shipping, another U.S. $2,000).  I have no financial interest in
this whatsoever.  

I have driven a MGF, they are nice and they are modern.  I understand that
some people want sports cars to be a little "unrefined."  I love my 1971
MGB, but wouldn't mind owning a MGF either.

John S. van Syckel
1971 MGB (BRG, no PO)
MG Car Club Deutschland, e.V.
AMGBA #78-568 

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> From:         Murray Arundell[]
> Sent:         Donnerstag, 02. April 1998 02:39
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> Subject:      RE: MGF - is it a real MG?
> What is it with you guys. Are you crabby because Rover doesn't send you
> any MG-Fs.  I'm sorry to "flame" you Jack, but how many MGBs do you think
> MG would have sold in the States if they had the same equipment level as
> say a P-Type or a T-Type?  
> Remember MG Cars Company (Rover / BMW) is not in the business of making
> cars.  They are in the business of making money.  They do this by making
> cars that people WANT to buy.  Sad as it may seem us "enthusiast" are now,
> as we probably have always been a very small part of the target market for
> this type of car.
> A sports car is many things to many people.  My TC is (to my mind) a
> sports car.  I also regard my MGB GT-V8 as a sports car.  Yet a quick look
> at the two vehicles will tell you that one is far, far more refined than
> the other.  So is someone out there game to tell me that factory BGT-V8 is
> not a sports car?  I would think not.  It is however a developement of a
> theme.  
> I was because BMC/BL failed to continue developing that them that led to
> their demise and with it the magic names of MG, Healey, Triumph etc.  
> Would someone please tell me just what is wrong with a two seater drop top
> that goes, handles, sounds and feels good having air-con and not leaking.
> My 2c worth again......
> Murray Arundell
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> >Subject: RE: MGF - is it a real MG?
> >Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 11:37:51 -0600
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> >Paul K said "As long as us Yanks only have pictures to look at, there
> >will be a certain amount of badmouthing when it comes to the F".
> >
> >Last January when I came back from a trip in which I made a point of
> >going to see an F, I said it was not a sports car. No one would rise to
> >the bait of defining a sports car. My point is that the true sports car
> >is a simple car without a bunch of junk hanging off of it which the
> >owner can then shape to his own wishes. The owner can make it into a
> >race car, or a touring car as they wish.  No power accessories, no fancy
> >appointments, just a simple car that allows us to communicate with the
> >road when we drive, not isolate us from it.  
> >
> >I agree with whoever said the MGF might as well have been a Miata.
> >
> >
> >Jack
> >
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