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RE: MGF - is it a real MG?

To: "'Christopher Delling'" <>
Subject: RE: MGF - is it a real MG?
From: "Feldman, Jack (Jack)" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 09:35:51 -0600
Gee Chris, tree leaves. You must be a yung un. I have always used Sears
catalogs when corn cobs aint available.

First off, you keep harping on modern. Modern has nothing to do with it.
I was sitting here reading the manual on my newly arrived ICOM 706 MKII.
That isn't a new kind of car, but the latest in mobile ham equipment.
The real issue is that the car has to  allow the driver to communicate
with it and the road. Granted the ones we have do have a ton of faults,
but they are the only ones affordable and available. BTW, my two MGs
don't leak oil, and the Healey hasn't been around long enough for me to
tackle that problem. Eventually it won't leak either, but I have a whole
list of more important items like brakes to get to first.=20

Find me a modern car that doesn't isolate me from the road and the car's
functions and I may buy one if I can afford it. I don't care if it
doesn't leak or be hot in summer.=20

>From:  Christopher Delling[]
>Sent:  Thursday, April 02, 1998 8:57 AM
>To:    Feldman, Jack (Jack); 'Bob MGT'
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>Subject:       RE: MGF - is it a real MG?
>Gee, can we all start using outhouses again too?  You don't need =
>more than that, so why bother will all that fancy stuff.  Oh yeah, a =
>with some large leaves growing on it to wipe our arse when we're done.
>You may not like the MGF because it is modern.  The fact is though, and =
>can argue this till the cows come home, there is not enough demand for =
>minimalist sports car in the world to make it a viable commercial =
> Even the all-time retro-mobile champ from Mazda has creature comforts =
on a
>par with those of modern vehicles.  You can say all you want that "it's =
not a
>real sports car".  If you mean that it doesn't have a leaky top, a =
>engine, and is so hot to sit in that you're tempted to leave it in the =
>when the mercury hits 90=B0 F, then I guess your right.  To me, a =
sports car is
>a nimble, quick, and competent car, that can be used for racing or road =
>On that score, the MGF/MIATA/BOXSTER/Z3 all qualify (and BTW will do a =
>of a lot better on the track that our A's, B's, C's. T's or Midgets).  =
>rest of the crap is just the fluff needed to give the car mass appeal.  =
>it or not, building a $12K - $15K stripped down roadster for the O.F. =
>isn't going to be a money making venture!
>Chris Delling

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