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RE: MGF - is it a real MG?

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Subject: RE: MGF - is it a real MG?
From: Phil Raby <>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 98 13:27:50 +0100
On 3/4/98 10:05 am Feldman, Jack (Jack) said

>Gee Chris, tree leaves. You must be a yung un. I have always used Sears
>catalogs when corn cobs aint available.
>First off, you keep harping on modern. Modern has nothing to do with it.
>I was sitting here reading the manual on my newly arrived ICOM 706 MKII.
>That isn't a new kind of car, but the latest in mobile ham equipment.
>The real issue is that the car has to  allow the driver to communicate
>with it and the road. Granted the ones we have do have a ton of faults,
>but they are the only ones affordable and available. BTW, my two MGs
>don't leak oil, and the Healey hasn't been around long enough for me to
>tackle that problem. Eventually it won't leak either, but I have a whole
>list of more important items like brakes to get to first.=20
>Find me a modern car that doesn't isolate me from the road and the car's
>functions and I may buy one if I can afford it. I don't care if it
>doesn't leak or be hot in summer.=20


I've got just the car for you. It's called an MGF :-)


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