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Re: MGB Starter: Help!

To: "M.P. Trebelhorn" <>
Subject: Re: MGB Starter: Help!
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 19:17:29 +0000
M.P. Trebelhorn wrote:
> Okay, here's the situation:
> '70 MGB, intermittent starter failure.
> Twisting the key will always trip the relay, which will *not* always engage 
> solenoid.  Three basic modes:
> 1 (95% of the time) Turn the key, starter works, car starts.
> 2 (4.5% of the time) Turn the key, relay clicks, nothing else.
> 3.(remaining .5%) Turn the key, starter spins, but does not engage.
> 1 and 3 can take place on subsequent key-twists.  1 and 2 (or 2 and 1)
> have been happening on opposite ends of a drive or mechanical work. (push it
> started and drive home, when I get there it works again; or, for example, pull
> the starter, bench test, re-install, and it works again.  For a while.)
> This is a bit unnerving (esp. #3).  Any thoughts/suggestions?
> The starter is less than six months old, 5k miles ago (3 months) the flywheel
> was inspected and was not missing any teeth, the car has no other electrical
> problems (touch wood).
> Matt

Consider wiring a voltmeter in semi-permanent connected to the tag that 
operates the
solenoid and the body of the starter.  That should tell you if the problem is 
internal to the starter/solenoid or external.  

In my youth I had a Mini van that started doing your 0.5, and wisdom among my 
was 'dirty pinion, wash it in petrol'.  It worked for a week.  After several 
I got fed up and consulted a member of the Badger Club (someone with grey 
'Put a little light oil on it and wipe off any excess'.  Never had any more 
with it.  Your new starter may be too dry.


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