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Re: Window radio antenna

To: "Feldman, Jack (Jack)" <>
Subject: Re: Window radio antenna
From: Bert Palte <>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 98 23:07:57 +0200
At 08:38 03-04-1998 -0600, Jack Feldman wrote:
> For a long
>time GM had an imbedded antenna in the windshield which gave marginal
>results. If you are happy with the $5.00 one it is well worth it.
Remembers me of the spring of 1989, I then ordered a new car, an
Opel Omega 2.0i Estate. For you US guys, this is a slightly upmarket
Germany-built European General Motors car. (Actually, many of the car's
parts came from the States, like the shock absorbers, the hydraulic valve
lifters etc. )  

Somehow expecting that at some time in the future, an extra antenna might
come in handy,
[don't remember why, actually. Had I the foresight in 1989 of the emerging
of cellular phones or was it because of my intended ham radio activities?]
(not wanting to have a roof full of holes!!)  I inquired whether it was
possible to order the car with an embedded radio reception antenna in the

They told me that I could only get this by ordering the car "Stereo
prepared" with BOTH an embedded antenna AND six speakers at an extra cost of
about $ 450. I thought this was outrageous, so I didn't order this.

About 6 months later, the windshield broke. I had it replaced, of course,
and asked the
company that replaced it, if it were possible to have a new windshield WITH
an embedded
antenna instead of the original WITHOUT one.
They said yes, at an additional cost of only $10.
I told them to bill my insurance company for the windshield and myself for
the difference, but one way or the other I never received the $10 bill.
Thank you, my dear insurance company!

Keep in mind, however, that a window radio antenna performs slightly less
than a classical whip antenna, especially on medium wave.

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