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Re: Help! Yet another Brake Question.

To: (Bert Palte), mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: Help! Yet another Brake Question.
From: Skip Kelsey <>
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 08:52:33 -0800

The roadsters and GTs up to 138400 took an .800 piston. The GTs from 138401
took an .875 piston. The .875 wheel cyl has the locating pin in different
place, and I think that is what you ran into.

Skip.............At 03:18 PM 4/4/98 +0200, Bert Palte wrote:
>Hi fellow MG listers,
>Regarding my 1970 MGB, Roadster, tube-type rear axle.
>I needed to replace the Oil Seal on the R.H. rear side.
>I decided, also to replace the brake cylinder at the same time because it
>didn't look to good and this car only has a single-circuit brake system so
>it is very critical from a safety standpoint of view.
>After trying VERY, VERY, VERY  hard, I finally found a supplier who was
>willing to sell me genuine Lockheed parts 
>(instead of imitation. I bought, previously, three imitation cylinders. Two
>of them were leaking, three of them had the wrong grade steel Clip from
>Hell, two of them had the Clip from Hell retaining groove in the wrong
>place. Three of them had the locating pin in the wrong place.  So, no more
>imitation brake parts for me. I definitely prefer to pay a bit more for
>genuine Lockheed parts).
>Please can someone check if the piston diameter is OK? 
>The new ones have 20 mm pistons, the old ones (imitation) had 19.05 mm, that
>is 3/4 inch. (the difference is 10 percent in effective area).
>What diameter is correct for my car?
>The new cylinders came with the Lockheed part number LW 11575
>(BL part # is  GWC 1103) but the boxes had been "pre-opened" so I'm not 100
>percent sure....
>BTW  I found that it is much easier to fit the Clip from Hell as long as the
>brake anchor plate is still removed from the car. Use large pliers and
>remove the bleeding screw. Piece of cake...
>"To trust is OK, to check is better"  - V.I. Lenin. 

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