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RE: Help! Yet another Brake Question.

To: "" <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: RE: Help! Yet another Brake Question.
From: Andrew Errington <>
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 17:02:30 -0800
> I decided, also to replace the brake cylinder at the same time because it
> didn't look to good and this car only has a single-circuit brake system 
> it is very critical from a safety standpoint of view.

Very Wise Bert.

> After trying VERY, VERY, VERY  hard, I finally found a supplier who was
> willing to sell me genuine Lockheed parts

Can you tell us who the supplier was? I will do my braking system this
summer, and want genuine also.

I recently changed the rear RHS brake cylinder on my '69 MGB Roadster.  I 
got a genuine Lockheed part from NW Imports, Portland, Oregon (they're on 
the web).  I didn't have to ask for it by name, I was just sent part no. 
LW11575, and it was just fine.

NW Imports has a fairly small list of parts, but for what they have the 
prices are good.  (No connection just a satisfied customer).

Of course the cylinder I *didn't* do is in need of replacement now...


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